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Sengoku CV-2230 KeroHeat Convection 23,000-BTU Portable Kerosene Heater

Sengoku CV-2230 KeroHeat Convection 23,000-BTU Portable Kerosene Heater
Product By Sengoku         (16 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $109.99 

Technical Details

  • Portable 23,000-BTU kerosene heater for rooms up to 1000 square feet
  • Automatic push-button ignition; 1.9-gallon fuel capacity provides 10 to 12 hours of heat
  • Ideal for both everyday supplemental heating and emergency situations
  • Fuel gauge; automatic safety shut-off; siphon pump and batteries included
  • Measures 18-3/4 by 18-3/4 by 27 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Product Description

The Sengoku Kero Heat portable Convention kerosene heater is safe to use and economical to operate. No electricity needed;uses 1K clear kerosene to provideexcellent indoor heat source. Equipped with easy push button start and automatic safety shut off.

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Customer Reviews

"second times the charm" 2010-07-23
By R. Boling (Elmhurst, IL)
I have owned this for about a year now and so far so good. The first units auto ignition failed after just a few days of use but Amazon was fast at sending a replacement.

The unit starts easily and will burn for a long time on a full tank. I use it to heat my garage for winter home brewing and it kept the 2 car detached garage with no drywall of insulation warm enough to be comfortable with a medium jacket when it was about 15* outside.

The only complaint is the handle. Even with the tank empty the handle came off while moving it a few times. And with the fuel tank full don't even think about moving it using the handle. besides that it does its job.

"Great product!" 2010-02-11
By Andrew Engler
This heater is just perfect for a workshop,garage,basement,etc.Once mine is warmed up (about 10 minutes) it raises my 1800 ft2 basement/workshop from 56 to 70 degrees in less than an hour. This is NOT an insulated area of the home and this is Northern New England weather so trust me it works great!. Some reviews say it is hard to assemble...but if you actually have any problem with that,you likely should not be messing with a kerosene heater anyways!. It is simple to put together,fuel,and light.If you are not used to running these things you might have to fool with it some to find the "sweet" spot where you have zero odor.If it still smells, you do not have QUALITY K-1 fuel. Buy from a different source and use scented additive if needed. Overall, a terrific heat source if maintained and used properly. ENSURE you have a CO detector in your should have one anyways but it is a lifesaver if you use any Carbon based fuel!

Andrew, New Hampshire

"Prone to shipping damage due to company packing." 2010-02-07
By Dennis Dale (Merlin, Oregon United States)
Sengoku CV-2230 is a great product. The problem is at the company and how they package this item. Product has poor packing design if you should ship as-is in its orginal box and condition through any mail system! Suggest company ship in either an additional box or redesign its current box with some extra packing to sides and top of unit as this item can be easily damaged in transit due to lack of needed packing protection via mail delivery system. Otherwise, a great product that is packaged under a variety of different product names and is universal in nature to it's replacement products; i.e. wick, ignition ass'y, & etc... for the Sengoku CV-2300, or MegaHeat 230, or KH-250, and various other descriptive names for same product. Note: All model names use the same wick...just each model will have its own unique part number for the same wick! Also highly recommend that you buy some KEROSENE ADDITIVE for your kerosene use to help clean the wick, disperses water and I use the "pine" scented additive just because some people are sensitive to a very faint order of burnt kerosene noted with heater use. Recommend you start unit OUTSIDE first prior to bringing unit inside and the trimming of the kerosene wick will determine any kersosene smell.

"Great heat, but pricey fuel." 2010-01-02
By Jeremy
I use this heater in my basement/workshop. Turning the unit on is an easy straight forward process, although the siphon pump supplied to fill it with kerosene works just a little under par. This little heater produces an amazing amount of heat, and usually runs between 6 and 9 hours on a full tank. Most of the reviews on Amazon are quite accurate. There isn't much adjustment in flame(just right or wrong), it will occasionally set off my smoke detectors(but there is no visible smoke), the handle is a little on the flimsy side(especially when full of fuel), and finding K-1 grade kerosene can at times be a bit troublesome. Two and a half gallons of kerosene costs about $13.00 at the local hardware store. I wouldn't put this heater in the ultra efficient category, but I believe most of the future buyers of this unit will find it a good value based on its purchase price, and the amount of clean heat it produces.

"Finally warm!" 2009-12-22
By Jonathan (Columbus, IN United States)
Our large, drafty, almost uninsulated rental home has a heat pump for "heat", and after one winter of freezing to death we bought this heater... Boy, is it nice to be warm again with REAL heat! We had blocked off rooms and used electric heaters before, and at times supplemented it with the central system which had to use resistance heat at the tune of $2.00 and HOUR to run. Seemed the second the central unit went out, the house was freezing again.

This Kerosene heater is very easy to use, requires minimal maintenance, and puts out a LOT of heat fast. Only real smell is at start-up and especially at shutdown, but if you take the heater outside to start and stop, actual in use smell is almost zero if you use it properly. By properly for my particular unit means flame height as high as possible w/o curling (sooting), and adjusting the burner. Quality of the fuel obviously is a factor, and I have had pretty good luck with the un-dyed K-1 from several stations. With good fresh K-1 fuel, and the unit adjusted properly at operating temp, there is no odor, or so faint I have to try and smell for it, and there has absolutely never been any sooting. You will learn how to adjust the unit as the fuel warms/unit gets hotter, and really enjoy the experience. My family enjoys the soft steady glow the heater makes, and it's nice steady heat, not the on/off feeling from central.

Although the product is perfectly safe for indoor use, I do use and highly recommend a CO detector, never sleeping with the heater on, and not have it too far from where you are to be able to keep an eye on it.

Pro's not mentioned:

- Actual use times relative to consumption seem longer than stated. I have used it 12 hrs straight, and no way used close to all the fuel. Seems the fuel gage reads "F" way before the tank is actually full, and "E" well before actually empty.
- Extra wicks if needed are very easy to get, but I don't see the need for a new one anytime soon if you "dry burn" as is required every so often.
- Lots of safety is built into the unit, and it does have an auto shut off should it fall over
- No electricity needed, so they are the perfect "blackout" heating solution
- 2 yr warranty


- Contact made to Sengoku USA by email has never been returned, so there may be CS issues down the road
- Although generally well made, there are some issues, especially the carrying handle. It flexes a lot especially when the heater is full of fuel, and the handle can slip out because the holes in the side of the heaters sheet steel get wallowed out. To stop this I installed some wire clips, and so far so good.

For our situation (no nat gas available), this heater was the best choice over paying for propane to be installed, or using the creosote laden fireplace. I read a lot of hype, hyperbole, and flat out BS about the dangers of using a Kerosene heater indoors... Yeah, they must really be death machines seeing how the Japanese by the tens of millions use them almost exclusively for primary heating of their non central heat homes. Bottom line, learn how to safely use them/maintain them, and you will be rewarded with plenty of economical heat.

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